DEVOTIONAL:   God’s Will-Trusting The Father When His Answer Is “No”

Nahum 1:7The Lord is Good, a Strong Hold in the day of trouble; and He knoweth them that trust in Him.

Wow!  Scripture is awesome through and through!  I was so excited when looking for a verse, to find one in the Book of Nahum! 

Often times in seeking out passages, I find myself in the Psalms, Proverbs or one of the Gospels, so for the Lord to lead to a book I don’t ever recall quoting was tremendous!  It just goes to show how His Word is overflowing with treasures!

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama – The deadliest tornado to hit the city of Huntsville in almost 100 years touched down at 4:30 p.m. on Nov. 15, 1989.

The twister – an EF-4 tornado with peak estimated winds of 260 mph — killed 21 people and injured 463 as it swept east down busy Airport Road at rush hour. It remains a vivid part of the Rocket City’s weather history.

I’m quite sure many of you are not so closely related to Chicken Little.  I am certain he may be a very close relative to mine.  Some of you may be from much more severe weather prone areas, but November 1989, I was pregnant and alone in a second story apartment, huddled in a tub while Jonathan worked second shift, as the above tragedy struck my hometown of Huntsville, Alabama.

From that I go on to tell you, according to me, yesterday was a  harrowing endeavor.  Most of you who know me, realize how badly I hate storms.  I do not like them passing over me in the comfort of my own home, so realize that I am very serious about how profoundly I was disturbed by the experience.

First and foremost, I want to give glory to God for whatever His purpose was.  Whatever the enemy meant to harm me, I will turn to praise the Father!

Jonathan and I were car-sharing, so I took him to work, went to my job helping with swim instructions and then headed back to get Jonathan so he could bring me home and go back to work for a few more hours (this is the easiest part of the story!)

When it came time to leave my work, it started sprinkling on me.  Now I am a convertible person, so my “ideal” travel weather is 70 degrees or warmer and sunshine, so I start getting “antsy” with rain since I have hydroplaned a few times.

Anyway, as I drove on, the rain got heavier and I became even more tense.  A little further and little  tiny pellets of hail hit the windshield which started sending me into a moderately panicked state of mind. 

I had already been praying, as I knew with the  rain, the streets I was going  toward were prone to flooding.  I so wanted to pull over, but  Jonathan was waiting on me and I tried at a light to call him and say I was going to stop somewhere, but he was in the plant an could not hear his phone.

Just a few hours earlier I had not felt well and actually called my boss to tell her I was not up to going in but  lessons were over today and we were going to be an instructor short already. Although she said not to worry, it s a good thing once I got there, I had gone ahead to help. All of that was running through my mind as I got closer to the plant. If I had only taken the “easy” way and gone to sleep, none of what I am going to tell you would have happened.

The closer I got, the worse the weather became. My prayers got louder and more desperate.  As I got into the turn lane to go left into the parking lot, the bottom fell out and it was like large marbles of ice were being poured out on the car, I could not see what was coming  toward me but I had to turn.  The left arrow was already gone and the light was about to turn red.  I was looking at the light, the car headed in my direction I had to turn in front of, hoping it was going slowly, but thinking they couldn’t brake in that water either and the puddles where I was trying to go, all the while being pelted by hailstones.

By then, I was a sobbing mess. Praying and crying out for the Lord’s help.  I reminded Him from the time it started raining hard, how He calmed the seas, but that was absolutely NOT His will to subdue that storm.

One godly sister in Christ, when I had known her only a little while, was driving us to a prayer and Bible group one night and it started hailing.  I asked her, “Is that hail?” She said, “Does hail scare you?”  “Yes,” I answered sheepishly.  “Then, no, it isn’t.” I never thought I would be so glad  for someone to lie to me!  I knew I would love her from that day on, sure enough, she is a dear friend to this day!

As Paul Harvey would say, “And now, the rest of the story”.  I picked up Jonathan who was having asthma issues and a hard time breathing. He asked me if I could drive home.  Was he KIDDING!  My eyes were filled with dread and tears with the thought of RIDING home in that and he, being married to me for 26 years, thought me capable of continuing on in those conditions! He did talk me into driving just down the road so we could get to a gas station and at least change seats under a canopy.

From the minute he took over, the weather worsened!  With my constant fearful praying and nervous babbling, he took a wrong turn which prolonged the trip, but he finally got situated and put us back on the right path.  Not until later did the Lord convict me on how totally self-absorbed I was in the whole matter, also!  There my husband was, struggling to breathe well and all I knew was that I was fearful and expected comfort in MY petrified state. Jonathan was trying his best to manage an asthma issue, focus on driving in hazardous conditions while listening to my constant list of worries!

As we neared the house, we went through low areas with standing water and at times the hail was so heavy and strong, I was concerned it would break through the window, windshield or even the convertible top. 

I begged him to pull over and find shelter, but the businesses we passed were closed or shut down and everywhere else was residential, plus, he had to drive back to work shortly after getting me home and the trip already took about 20 minutes longer than it should have or normally does.

At last we made it back and things seemed to settle down a bit.  Jonathan made it back to work and called to let me know he was there since I was then concerned about street flooding.

I praised God as we drove into the carport, when Jonathan got to work and returned.  To GOD BE THE GLORY for His protection! 

I did cry out for Him in my distress. Just because the storms did not cease, does not mean He was unconcerned.  His answer to me, His daughter, was an emphatic “No”, regarding my urging to cause the storm to dissipate. In my distress I cried unto the LORD, and He heard me (Psalm 120:1).  Like Peter, I was looking frantically at everything around me and at my circumstances.  Distraction is one of  the enemy’s greatest and most effective tools.  If he can overwhelm us with our issues and concerns, we  lose focus.  But when he saw the wind boisterous, he was afraid; and beginning to sink, he cried, saying, Lord, save me. Matthew 14:30

I tell you what, yesterday I had rather been writing now about a beautiful rainbow or some pretty flowers. I was so thankful to be home and I do not ever want to face anything like that again! I realize that in comparison to what so many people endue every day all over this world, what I just mentioned is so trivial.  Perspective is  usually a  harsh reality check when I measure my life against those who truly have tremendous challenges!  I can tell you one thing, though, if that experience helped me grow and strengthen my trust in Jesus, I am glad He allowed it!


Thank You, Father God for this day

We give praise for the purpose You have

In heat of the sun, rain, wind, snow and ice

You ARE the Lord of All!

Glory be to You for Your provision and protection

Thank You for being there for us in victory and defeat

In times of sweet relaxation and in moments of trial

You, our God and Father never leave us

Sometimes, Lord, You allow us to go through things we would certainly not chose for ourselves

Because we like comfort and stability

But You teach us that those things are found  through faith in You

You are our Rock

Our Strong Tower

We praise You for the blessing of precious friends

Who sometimes ride out turbulent times with us

But Righteous King

You are there when nothing or no one else is!

You are where we run to seek shelter from the storms

Not to other people or things

Please watch over those who are facing

Keep their concentration on You, please

I pray that if they have no faith in the Creator

You will speak to them

If they do know You, Merciful Father

They will have peace and it will result in a deeper and closer walk with You

As those who have just passed through treacherous times

 May there be a gentle peace

And let the glory be given to God for the joy they find, even in the midst of sorrow

Please let them find healing through You

And for those about to encounter turbulence in their lives

Let those who belong to You, keep that in their minds and in their hearts

Please let them find unexplainable comfort

May their lives be a testimony to others

How faith in You is so much more than sitting in a pew on Sunday morning

It is second by minute by hour, by day, by week, by month, by year, by lifetime of trust in

The Lord of  all Heaven and Earth!

We know You use every opportunity

Please let us learn what You want to teach us in everything we go through, Lord

 Let our life experiences bring You glory and draw our hearts nearer to our Savior!

Thank You for being Who You Are

The Most Powerful

The Most High God

In the Name of Jesus



“Jesus Bring the Rain”

“Praise You In the Storm”

(Oceans) “Where Feet May Fail”

“Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord”

Praise God for getting me through the storm!
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